after every party i die

27-04-2015 - 3 minutes, 29 seconds -

I renewed my domain for the 13th time on Friday since it was set to expire on Saturday and it's still one thing that I can't quite let go of, nor do I want to, it's too much of who I am at this point in life. It's the thing that has always kind of been there, it brought some great people into my life back when actual websites were a thing and people hosted others' site on sub-domains/folders when they couldn't quite commit to a domain or hosting themselves, when there was more of a community feel to owning a domain. This was back when social media on the internet was more based on message boards, journaling sites and messaging programs like AIM/MSN/Yahoo. You know, the good old days before social media evolved into what it is today. Fantastic things have happened to me with this evolution, so I'm not going to bother comparing since there really isn't a need to. The point is that once you've been doing something for so long, you're either stuck with it or you move the fuck on with your life. Whilst I can't quit my domain, I have moved on from other things recently that I did for so long.

Like that writing project, the one I was doing for so long until I fell off the planet from it for a week when I had my baby tooth extracted and had no energy between recovery and work. The recovery was tiresome because all of a sudden I had this massive gap in my mouth and dietary restrictions, but the pain was gone. And if you're wondering why I still had a baby tooth, it's because that little tooth never had an adult tooth to push it out but it kept on doing its thing until a dentist fucked up a filling and my tooth cracked. The tooth kept pushing on until it just didn't want to be there anymore, but it lasted much longer than it should have. I even kept it as a souvenir. The extraction happened when I could barely afford the procedure, let alone the option for a bone graft and implant. Dental insurance covers neither, not even when it is something genetic because they see it as cosmetic (which it is for some, but still). I pulled together what I needed for the procedure anyway because it needed to happen and I didn't care if my alignment got fucked up without a bone graft, it was a chance I was willing to take. Thankfully I was blessed with one anyway, and I still don't even know why I was, but I am forever thankful for it. The entire process could have been avoided at this point in my life if the tooth had just been extracted BEFORE I had braces on my bottom teeth when I was younger, but no one ever thought of that. But things happened this way for whatever reason, just like other things happened that made me NOPE out of that project fast, and be okay with doing so. Nothing bad even happened, it was just coincidental timing and it's actually kind of great.

What's not so great is how little sleep I've been getting the past two weeks. Things are starting to even out though and I actually get to sleep in tomorrow, which will be nice. I still have to work but not until the evening. Working in the neighbourhood I do will have its perks and its downsides being so close to my favourite places to spend money, but local supports local so I guess that's where I will justify that? Though I am planning to save up a bit for upcoming outings and also a new desktop, maybe take a trip home, but I haven't decided quite yet. For now my days are so filled with work, naps disguised as sleep, watching as many films as possible and spending way too much time playing video games. I hope to soon have my energy levels back to normal so I can actually be social because I miss my friends, no matter how content I can be on my own.