rip gerard smith.

21-04-2011 - 0 minutes, 51 seconds -

i saw tv on the radio on august 11th, 2009. i got lost in prospect park trying to find the bandshell because i’d never been there before. then i got stuck in the bandshell for hours with no cash for food until the band went on later in the evening because there was no re-entry. i had to call my friend who lived in that area of brooklyn to bring me food to the gate. when she got there, the security guard let her into the show without a ticket for being so amazing to go out of her way to bring me food. it was one of the best shows i had ever been to. the energy from the audience and especially the energy from the band was unreal. tv on the radio is one of the few bands in the last decade that changed my life. gerard smith and his amazing bass lines were a huge draw for me, and as a fan he will dearly be missed.