time to get a little analog

19-01-2017 - 0 minutes, 54 seconds -

I’m currently at a point where all my resources are running on fumes and I’ve hunkered down into hermit mode. I’ve poked my head out to those who know me best and eventually I’ll be good to go again. There’s just a lot happening right now and I need to focus on myself because I’m no good if I’m not good to myself. I’m slowly coming around, and Wednesday morning I had the idea of writing every day starting on Friday. Because, you know, reasons. It’s going to be challenging, but it also has the potential to be interesting and a nice reflection of things as they unfold. Today I purchased the pictured journals to get me started. I was only going to get one, but the stripey one was on clearance and the Tolkien quote is one of my favorites, so if that’s not adding a little pressure to myself, I don’t know what is. I’ve only told 5 people of my plan so far, and if you stumble across this post, then you know now as well.